What the heck is an adjustable base and why would I want one?

What the heck is an adjustable base and why would I want one?

A couple of years ago, I was thinking to myself…..

”how old is this mattress I sleep on and how many times has this been passed down”

This got me thinking it may be time to explore what my options were.  I was then introduced to Tempur-Pedic mattresses and adjustable bases.  The mattress was incredible, but the adjustable bases took it to the next level.

An adjustable base is a foundation for your mattress which allows you to raise your upper and lower body in order to create different resting positions.  An adjustable base can also come with many unique features like zero gravity, under-bed lighting and massage.

With all these fancy gadgets, I was a bit overwhelmed again. I had a simple coil spring mattress. This was a big change.  Slowly, I started to mess with the settings and found my reading setting, my TV setting, and my everynight setting.  From this point forward, I began 111falling  asleep faster and waking up more energized. 

Deirdre Mundorf, from the Discovery Magazine, sums it up pretty well:

“A sleep science adjustable bed can also help individuals find a more ergonomic position to reduce pain and discomfort and to improve their overall sleep quality.  Many adjustable bed frames also allow sleeper to lie down in a zero-gravity position.  In this neutral position, tension and pressure are removed from the hips and spine.  Even the nasal passages and airway are more opened and relaxed in this position.  Sleeping in a zero-gravity position can alleviate pain and pressure, decrease snoring, improve digestion and circulation, and reduce swelling.”

We live in the 21st century, why not choose a mattress/base that uses science-based technology and innovation to help you enjoy a more comfortable, restful, and restorative sleep?
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