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Introducing: Shop for Mattresses by Video Call

All of us are adjusting to the new reality of conducting our affairs with social distancing guidelines in place. At Mattress Nation, we have been working on making it easy for our customers to shop from home and get the same great experience they have come to expect from an in-store visit. Picking the right mattress with the help of a knowledgeable sleep expert is what we are all about.

We call our solution Shop by Video Call, and it is as simple as it sounds. You can register by submitting your email address and phone number and we set up a video call with a sleep expert who works with you to identify the best mattress for your needs. You can complete the purchase, right there on the video call. We will deliver your mattress, at no additional cost, anywhere in the nation.

Our intention is to try and replicate the experience of walking into one of our stores. Customers using the Shop by Video Call service are talking to the same sleep experts that staff our retail stores and will be able to get the same level of advise and service they would expect from an in-person visit. 

All the benefits of shopping at Mattress Nation stores are also available to customers using Shop by Video CallThis includes our commitment to provide the best price, special deals and offers and the ability to use financing programs that often allow purchases with low or no interest. Free shipping is available to customers nationwide when shopping by video call.  

If interested in trying this out, you can sign up by filling out the form below. A sleep expert from Mattress Nation will get back in touch with you and schedule a video call using Google Meet. At the scheduled time, you just need to click on the link in their scheduling email to start the video call. When you make a purchase during the video call, your sleep expert will follow up with a receipt and delivery details.