Santa Cruz - Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable Bed Bases in Santa Cruz

One popular product available from Mattress Nation in Santa Cruz is our adjustable bed frame, also known as the adjustable bed base. We encourage you to check out our online inventory to get familiar with the styles of adjustable mattress bases we carry, then stop in to our Santa Cruz store to view all the types of adjustable beds that we have for sale.

Why is having an adjustable mattress an advantage?

Adjustable mattresses are fantastic for people who frequently read, watch television, use mobile devices or work in bed. They are also great for people who have breathing problems that make lying flat on their backs difficult. Adjustable mattresses use a remote control to change the position of the bed so you can accommodate yourself to be comfortable at any time.



What style of adjustable mattress base are you looking for in Santa Cruz?

There are many differences between styles of adjustable mattress bases at our Santa Cruz store. The leg area of the mattress raises and lowers, providing more or less support for the knees and low back. Other styles of adjustable mattress also feature an adjustable head area.

What is the difference between a wired and non-wired mattress?

The two styles of mattress include wired and non-wired mattresses. Somewhat self-explanatory, the wired mattresses feature a wire around the perimeter of the mattress while the non-wired mattresses do not. Wired could be an advantage for people who prefer mattress that retains its shape and has solid border support over the life of the mattress. The wire used in wired mattresses is a heavy gauge wire that helps protect your mattress from becoming misshapen. Non-wired mattresses do not have this feature.

What sizes of adjustable beds are for sale in Santa Cruz?

Adjustable mattresses from Mattress Nation come in all standard bed sizes including Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Full Extra Long, Queen, Split Queen and Split California King. The Split Queen and Split California King adjustable mattresses have the added benefit of being large. These mattresses are divided between the two sides and are built to satisfy the sleep needs of two people simultaneously. Split mattresses are mattresses built on two different customizable foundations. This allows two people to share a bed without sacrificing their own sleep needs.

Explore our inventory online then stop in to our Santa Cruz store to see first-hand the options we have for you!